Web Technologies of the Year 2018年度 CMS 上,无可争议的 WordPress 仍然成长最为快速,且总共有32.7%的网站使用,甚至超过调查中其他600多个系统的总和,从2010年以来 WordPress 成长飞快,直至2018年每一年都是 CMS 的最大赢家。第二名则是 Squarespace,另外第三名的 Wix,在2018年用户数量成长1倍。

WordPress is the undisputed ruler of the CMS space. It is now used by 32.7% of all websites, more than all the other 600+ systems in our surveys combined. It is the fastest growing content management system for the 9th year in a row. Runners-up are Squarespace, which already made it in out top three last year, and Wix, which more than doubled its user base in 2018.

Content Management System of the Year 2018
Content Management System of the Year 2018


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