Memcached与WP Super Cache共用,可能你一直在错用

WordPress使用Memcached的比较好的方案是用Batcache插件来实现,然而那些网上Memcached与WP Super Cache共用的教材早已经过时,至少目前WP Super Cache早就不支持Memcached的了,你可能一直才在错用。


wp-super-cache is the best cache plugin.
Do U plan to add memcached support to store cached pages in memcached?
I think it's nice feature to speed up website additionally.


The plugin used to have very rudimentary support for using wp-cache-get/set, or memcached to store cached content but it was very very rough and never worked on. It was removed recently and nobody noticed.

Batcache is a much better choice if you want to use a memcached full page cache.

这是来自WP Super Cache官方的回答:,还有一篇:

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