Clouflare IndexNow
Clouflare IndexNow

Multitude of new websites are created every day. As such, there is a need from search engines to change the way they get the latest content indexed as soon as the content is published online. Cloudflare is excited to announce that they have partnered with Microsoft Bing and Yandex to support IndexNow.

Cloudflare’s support of IndexNow stems from the Crawler Hints initiative, announced during their first Impact Week. Crawler Hints is a service that improves the operating efficiency of the approximately 45% of Internet traffic that comes from web crawlers and bots. Cloudflare achieves this efficiency improvement by ensuring that crawlers get information about what they’ve crawled previously and whether it makes sense to crawl a website again.

参考文档:Cloudflare Supports IndexNow via one-click Integration


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